October 18, 2006

upping my language skills

I had a good Slovak lesson this afternoon, but this morning i made a humorous mistake. I wanted to tell Roman "i am waiting" (for rendering video). After I said my sentence in Slovak, he and Paly started giggling (there is no other word for it)....I really had said "I am hiccupping".....čakam vs.čkam.

(in case you are curious....the first is "i am waiting" the second is "I'm hiccuping" and the c wedge is pronounced lik ch in "chess")

anyway, i thought you might enjoy an account of one of my non-bathroom-language mix up. :)


Minion said...

Tsk tsk

TC said...

Slovak is a really hard language to get. I still, after two years of knowing them, can't quite pronounce a couple of my Slovak friends' names right. I think you're doing well.

Besides, without being able to laugh at your mistakes, would it be fun? Not as much anyway. :)

Stasi said...

no, no it would not be anywhere near as much fun.
but it is much easier to laugh with my friends in the office than when i can't understand the ticket checker on the bus.

TC said...

That's so true. I'll give you that one!

When I moved to Spain a couple of year's ago, I thought I spoke Spanish. I mean, really, the least I could do was order a meal in a restaurant with no problem, right?

Not so much.

Instead of getting fish like we're used to in the States, I got little fish, fried whole, with their heads and tails still intact. So yeah, I understand well not being able to speak the language.

The sad thing was, I thought I could. You at least, weren't under that dilusion. ;)

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