May 23, 2007


I'm sorry that I have been so negligent in keeping you all in the loop since I got home.

The summary is pretty basic though, I've been practicing using doorknobs, remembering how to flush toilets, spending time with Micah and my family, adjusting to being back in the states and trying my best not to compare everything to “how we do in in Slovakia”. Micah and I will be getting married on June 30th at Mars Alliance Church.

I have also been working on preparing some videos and PowerPoint presentations to share my time with you all and getting ready to go back to Slovakia.

Micah has been officially accepted with Youth for Christ. He has spent a week in Denver for Candidate Orientation and is getting ready to head to Indiana for 10 days of training with YFC during the first half June (5th –14th).

Micah and I spoke last Sunday at the Garman Church of God and we’re planning to share that a few more times. If you’d like to meet with us and hear about what God did in Slovakia the past year and what He has in store for us in the days ahead, just send an e-mail or give me a call.

The news from Slovakia is good. The cafĂ© is open in Presov and four Christian bands have already recorded their album in our studio. Timothy is also going to record their live album in the end of May. They’re preparing 24/7 prayers May 19 – 26 with cooperation with six local churches there in Presov.

At the Ranch they’re dealing with building and hygiene permissions, water supply and permission from the electricians. June 1-3 will be the Mobilization conference at the Ranch. It’ll be a time of prayers and fasting for youth in Slovakia. The main aim of the conference is to mobilize people to pray for the ministry among youth in Slovakia. For those who believe that we can become more involved in God’s plan with young generation through prayers.
Everything at the ranch and national office is building up to CampFest on August 9th. We expect about 6000 people to come.

Please pray for Micah as he prepares and travels to this training and for us as we plan the final details of the wedding and fundraise. Even though I’m home, please continue to pray with me for the ministry of YFC in Slovakia.