January 31, 2006

input please

i'm thinking about dying my hair
color suggestions?
anyone care?
anyone read this?

sorry bout the lack of content....actually there is a lot going on....i am just spread to thin to process it all and then type it out too.....i'd be glad to do lunch.breakfast.dinner somethime and clue you in on some of the stuff i'm learning....i'll be home saturday......call the cell

January 22, 2006

here we go!

Pittsburgh's goin to the super bowl!!!!! ONE FOR THE THUMB!!!
i must admiththat watching the game in Colorado made me a bit nervous...oh but what a good game....
i am a tad unapologetic about the fact that i'm a person whose mood is affected by the winners of football games! in which the steelers are involved!!

January 16, 2006

My Latest Cross Cultural Experience

I went to the rodeo last weekend....and had a great time crossing cultures!!
Me and John Deere

me and a large dead cow head

I smooched a LLAMA!!(do you think Micah will get jealous?)

kissing cows

cow butts

It must be a cultural thing :)

this guy was just the epitome of cute! He got so tied up in his rope....i felt kinda bad taking pictures of kids that werent mine, but not bad enough to miss this cute shot
more cute kids who arent mine!

I cant escape Slovak Culture!....we were running late to the actual rodeo so I didn’t get to try any :(

start of the rodeo

bull riding

they put 5 and 6 year olds on sheep.....it was sooo funny...the kids were just hanging on for dear life!!

Stasi In the Saddle!!


January 12, 2006

the joy and the agony

i love my mac...i have to use safari if i want to post pictures on it...pictures liek this one of my drill group trying to perfect the sound of an upsilon in phonetics....

i have my cell phone charger!! you can call me if i am not posting enoough to suit your taste....you can not if you dotn have my number and i'm not going to post it on the internet...i'm not DUMB!!!

We finish up PILAT tomorrow at noon....i'm heading to Denver to YFC headquarters tomorrow afternoon, going to hear Steve Saint speak tomorrow evening and going to a rodeo on Saturday!!

monday starts SPLICE

i'll be sending out a prayer letter soon....it's getting edited....

i'm done writing

i wish i was better at this

January 9, 2006

Thank You

for praying....this morning i feel so much much better!!! God is Good.....i am still a tad tired...but my nose did not bleed last night and my nose is not stuffed up adn my head does not ache near as bad....thank you thank you thank you

January 7, 2006

Two for the price of one (about PILAT AND my Afternoon off)

PILAT so far has been wonderful....it has been good to meet other misisonaries...to share frustrations and suggestions and jsut feel like people understand!

We have classes/sessions/whatever you call them from 845 till 430 and A lot of what we're doing has been really interesting and useful. Ive gotten some really practical ideas for learning Slovak and a lot of encouragement that it can be done. I've even been practicing some of them with Russian!

we've also been trying to break out of our "sound boxes" did you know that English only has about 44 sounds but the human mouth and vocal chords are capable of THOUSANDS!!?? (i wish English still had an interrobang too) but our mouths fall into a rut...yesterday after practicing laterals and fricatives, my mouth was sooo tired....but i'm starting to be able to hear and make the sounds too...it's really neat....

Here at MTI we get weekends off...except this week we started late so we had a session this morning....so here's what i did with my afternoon off

Art & Lois from headquarters who help me keep focused and figure out fundraising drove down from Denver to take Jessica (also with YFC...going to Uganda) and me out to Lunch it was a great. fellowship and chineese food (without roaches!!) next friday i'll be going up there to visit

Till we got back most people had left for the afternoon on hikes or otherday trips so i am here mostly on my own....i took the chance to embrace the solitude and get some stuff done

I wrote some thank yous. I still have quite a few to go and darn it if Postage isnt going up this weekend!!

I finally ballanced my checkbook....

Also I uploaded a ton of pictures....if youve been waiting for pictures of the Lane Christmas/Anniversary, or the pictures for updating your magnets, or some pictures of Colorado, The Link to Flikr on the right is for you!!!!! Also if i get enough comments, i may break down and post the picture of me with the banana on my head!

I sat with some kids who are here and watched the never ending story while is did the pictures and wrote this

Additionally and a source of joy, I sat outside in the sun (it was 65 here today....what kind of wussy January is this?) I havent seen sun in months it seems!! I did some reading and some just sitting!!

later, i'll write a paper (or at least start it) and watch another hour of "Pride and Predjudice"...send some e-mails....and go to bed early!!

more to come.....stay tuned

January 3, 2006

from Beatrice & Colorado

I'm currently wireless in the community area...this is officially beatrice's first blog entry!!

so i almost slept through my flight but with some other "minor" complications (which i'm not admitting to the internet in general) I made it to Palmer Lake and MTi. i forgot my bears and cell phone charger so far...i mean that's all i have realized i forgot so far....It's nice here...have my own room and bthroom and every one seems nice enough...at dinner with a couple going to Kenya, a friend going to Uganda, a girl going to Tanzania, and one going to Uzbekistan

i have pictures from the Lane thing...aniversary and Christmas...they shall find their way to flickr eventually! any family reading this, keep your eyes peeled at the link to the right

i'll keep y'all updated as i learn my language acquisition techniques these next two weeks

ok so without looking, what's the difference between eg. and i.e. ?