June 26, 2009


I Know that many of my loyal readers would rather see unflattering photos of micah or hear about the latest of my bathroom themed language goofs, or even news about our lives. But here's the deal, i like to do these. So I will continue. You can just ignore this entry and scroll down to the one I posted earlier today with unflattering photos of my husband AND my mother.


Take 1:
sad little guy copy 2

Taken further:
sad little guy BW

prolificacy? Redundancy?

This morning the computer is running slow. This is beause i only had 600MB of space left. this is because of the insane number of photos i have stored on the hard drive. I am culling this morning.

guess how many photos i had of old faithful??
Old faithful

If you include this flattering shot of Micah with old faithful it makes 61!
Micah & Old Faithful
now, in my defense, i had just gotten my new camera, and it has a great "Burst" mode I just had to try out, and old faithful IS really pretty neat. But honestly! I'm just sayin', Anyone want a old faithful flip-book?

How about a flip-book of my blurry mother jumping while the dog watches? I had FORTY-THREE of those.

I also have a lot of photos of my brother sleeping through Yellowstone in various uncomfortable looking positions. But he's 13 so i wont embarass him on the internet (today).

And just a side note: Wyoming landscapes are pretty neat while you are there. but when you get home, you will have approximately 500 photos of rocky mounds of dirt.
Dad & Micah

Still, it was a great trip and looking at my pictures makes me miss the Wyoming branch of my crazy family.
Mom & Dad at Yellowstone Lake
come to Slovakia. We've got castles and trees with leaves here!

June 20, 2009

From Slovakia

you know what is really annoying. When the c key on your keyboard is broken. and any time you want to type a c you have to hit apple v to paste and you cant copy any thing else or else your c goes away 2009Jun08_4826and it's a pain to type a capital c. Thankfully Beatrice has this feature where a little keyboard pops up Picture 10and you can use your mouse to hit the keys. But still. It's annoying.
the up arrow doesnt work either. I have not figured out a hack for this yet.

June 18, 2009

More funny things micah has said.

"The toilet paper fell behind the toilet again....It would be nice if your darn husband would ever get around to making a toilet paper holder....Tell the dude to get a move on."


i miss my sisters today.


Memories are a wonderful thing. I never (ok, rarely) remember our fights when I think of my sisters. And man did we ever fight! But we also laughed and talked and hugged and played and teased (ABI! aBIII! AAbi abiabiabi!)

I think of the christmas mornings all in one bed after the "big Sneak", and playing with claire at the playground in NY, and Beach vacations, and birthdays ( I never get they bunny cake!).

I remember laying on the picnic blanket in the side yard (mom, maybe you could call the school where the track meet was? that blanket was part of us too!), and downhill biking, and that time we made the Stroganoff extra noffy!

I remember when Ami fell through the top of the snow and we could only see her hat. And no one else understands when I ask when the pony comes into the story. We share DNA and parents and secrets and memories.

We worry about each other and we will always be "the Havener girls" no matter what our last names are, or where we live.

But do you ladies think you could come to Slovakia soon.

June 8, 2009

well well well

huh, if you are reading my blog while i am typing this, you will see the title of this post which i apparently posted. interesting.
I would like to share some random things with you, first up this sandwich:

bacon grease and onion. Add that to the list of odd things someone might feed you while you are sick in Slovakia. I ate the ream cheese and pickle sandwich. i took two polite bites of the bacon grease and onion one, took a picture and then fed the rest to the dog.

We (Micah) Spilled orange juice on my computer this weekend. the c and the up arrow are not working and the right arrow key is finnickey. I am calling this a success. half a liter of OJ hit the keyboard and i Only got a stickey keyboard, 2 keys incommunicado and one with an attitude. . . I took the keyboard apart this afternoon. the keys are no longer stickey and the Hard drive was unaffected. Oh ,God is good! how bad would it have been if my computer was dead. was can not afford a new one, i have DAYS worth of unbacked up projects saved here. oh the meltdown would have been UGLY

I bought toilet paper that is ScENTED!!! like PEAcHES!! I did not do this on purpose, i just bought the cheapest stuff that was not colored... Non-white TP bugs me. its like unsanitary. Thanks mom.

I would like to add to the underwear drawer discussion. The other night micha was taking off his socks and i watched him pull them off and then turn them INSIDE-OUT! I of course asked him what he thought he was doing. He said he THOUGHT I ALWAYS turned socks inside out before washing them!! I am not sure where he got this idea.

the end.

June 5, 2009


Many thanks to those who gave input about rolling stones, nothing conclusive but appreciated. I think i'll stick with being a rolling stone. Beingcovered in moss has no appeal to me.

Also, for those concerned, Tuesday was not our end day. we are recovering. Sniffling and Sneezing and coughing but recovering.

I went a bit of a different direction for fix-it friday this week and added some embellishments.

I didn't keep good track this week again but here's a rough idea. Image adjustment>exposure, PW bright and colorful, PW's vintage at low opacity. colorized his eyes by paining them blue on a separate layer and then setting the blending mode to soft light at medium opacity (till he didn't look like a cyborg.) I increased the size of the canvas a few mm to give a white border. the font is grenouille. the stars and embellishments are brushes.

see everyone else's take here:

I promise to post about the goose-duckings and chickens with photos soon.

June 2, 2009

our end day.

Micah is on the couch wearing his winter jacket and flannel pajama pants. he has the heater pointed at him full blast. He used a jackhammer all day. No rest for the dying. I spent the majority of the day in bed, wearing a fleece sweatshirt and under both blankets. I hate puking. I have not eaten anything in about 24 hours. Micah has eaten (and maintained) 2 meals today. This might be our end day... Probably we are both dehydrated.
we are going to watch a movie and die on the couch in each others arms. romantic way to go huh?