June 20, 2009

From Slovakia

you know what is really annoying. When the c key on your keyboard is broken. and any time you want to type a c you have to hit apple v to paste and you cant copy any thing else or else your c goes away 2009Jun08_4826and it's a pain to type a capital c. Thankfully Beatrice has this feature where a little keyboard pops up Picture 10and you can use your mouse to hit the keys. But still. It's annoying.
the up arrow doesnt work either. I have not figured out a hack for this yet.


AmiDawn said...

i love you and beatrice too even though she is a little bit of a pain sometimes you know you cant help but love her. vanilley and i have the same kind of love hate relationship but i keep her around cuz she's good people overall :)

Abi said...

Hey once you be B back together, think we could have an update? Some pictures? News? Mores Code? Anything? We love you both :)

Abi said...

Also what does Gubertstag mean? It sounds like one of those words we should know. Plus a happy belated to Micah.. sorry we missed it.. Next year...

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