June 18, 2009

More funny things micah has said.

"The toilet paper fell behind the toilet again....It would be nice if your darn husband would ever get around to making a toilet paper holder....Tell the dude to get a move on."


Abi said...

Maybe your darn husband could make me a toiletpaperholderthingy too? right now my toilet paper just sits on the exposed piping left over from ripping out the vanity.. :( Tell Micah it could be worse. although I wouldn't want to use the toilet paper that fell behind the toilet either.

Abi said...

Ok twice in two days.. I promise I am not stalking you. although this seems to be the only communication I have with you, I can't find your email and I don't have your phone number... call me when you get a chance, I miss you something terribly and have had you on the mind all this week and last. Let's connect, it's up to you though, you have all my info and the best bet of reaching me when I am not asleep. Love you! ps. if you don't contact me I won't know how to contact you when this baby comes. Sorry to use your blog as my communication forum. :)

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