November 24, 2011

For Each other

56-Judah for driving 4 hours today and 6.5 hours tomorrow so we can spend Thanksgiving in Boston
57-Meghan for making me be nice to myself and for sharing interesting facts (did you know your nose never stops growing?)
58-Jeremiah for inviting us to his house for Thanksgiving
59-Angie for making me an aunt again (Welcome Kaitlyn Faith)
60-Nathaniel for Helping
61-Micah for sharing his family (and life) with me
62-Marcus Elise Charissa Claire Noah Nick Tristan and Zoe for being there to spoil and then give back to their parents.... :)
63-Keith & Karen for making me feel at home
64-Grandma Henry for great stories...
65-Abi for keeping me connected
66-My mom for understanding when I'm going nuts and always giving me the recipes i call for.
67-my Dad for loving me unconditionally and making it really easy to understand God as Father.
68-Ami Dawn for having the same sense of humor
69-The very nice desk agent for being very nice late at night.
70-That I could EASILY finish out my Hundred with the people i have been blessed to have in my life.....and that i Have so many blessings that I don't have to pad my list

November 22, 2011

Thanks and Praise

42-Cell Phones
43-My homegroup (an awesome group of people doing life together and eating really good food on Monday nights.)
44-The internet
45-A New baby Niece and her safe delivery
46-Chatting with my mom
47-That God does not give me what I deserve
48-Air compressors (to fill that leaky tire, no fruitflys on my dresser!)
49-that I know how to crochet
50-Brother in Laws to visit in Boston in the fall
51-Brothers and sisters in law to drive to Boston with
52-That I have enough to give some of it away
53-leftovers for dinner
54-more than one pair of shoes
55 a&b-that I have a laptop and it still runs.

November 10, 2011

Always always always thankful

28-Unexpectedly free mornings

29-E-mail reminders of appointments (going to give blood this AM, totally forgot)

30-Public libraries with printers

31-that 2% of 0 is 0 (accidentally evaded borough taxes from 2009- rectifying the situation today by printing a w-2 and mailing the forms)

32-Freedom to spur of the moment decide to spend a few extra days playing with precious nieces and a handsome nephew and helping their mama and papa move

33-spell check....I before E in nieces.

34-sunshine even though it's cold out

35-A good Job for Micah

36-a good church - Ladies Tea this afternoon

37-a modern dryer (to go with #12) for when you need to wash 3 loads of clothes and don't have time to air dry

38- that we discovered we were going the wrong way before we reached West Virginia

39-Houses that are not trashed....

40-Small towns

41- 29 years of being loved. (dudes, 29 is so old.)

Thanks be....

13-apple butter on whole wheat bread
14-the "pop" sound that signals a proper seal
16-morning naps
18-long phone calls with my mom
19-sitting and visiting with my husband
20-clean rooms
26-pianos (OK so its a keyboard, i'm still thankful to have it)
27-favicons!!! (check it out in the address bar on your browser, i'm so cool)

November 7, 2011


I had already typed my first 10 things as well as a few nice words about my mother who started this tradition and then the internet ate it. :(

here we go again (in no particular order) i am thankful for:

1-a dry warm place to live

2-Really pretty great inlaws

3-Even better parents

4-my husband

5-my sisters (of course i'd be thankfuller if they lived closer.....)

6-an end of daylight savings time (light before 8AM totally makes up for dark by dinnertime)

7-excellent reception for NFL games
(even though the steelers lost and my husband is defecting to the browns {who would certainly NOT have beaten the ravens, he's just mad, he'll come back...but will i have him? *Evil grin*} it is nice not to spend all sunday afternoon searching for ways to jerry-rig an antenna in a black hole of reception)

8-new friends

9-old friends (KT i swear i will call this week)

10-lovely weekend weather

11-a puppy who rides well in the car

12-a modern washer

What are you thankful for? Join the Haveners as we list 100 things we're thankful for in November.