November 7, 2011


I had already typed my first 10 things as well as a few nice words about my mother who started this tradition and then the internet ate it. :(

here we go again (in no particular order) i am thankful for:

1-a dry warm place to live

2-Really pretty great inlaws

3-Even better parents

4-my husband

5-my sisters (of course i'd be thankfuller if they lived closer.....)

6-an end of daylight savings time (light before 8AM totally makes up for dark by dinnertime)

7-excellent reception for NFL games
(even though the steelers lost and my husband is defecting to the browns {who would certainly NOT have beaten the ravens, he's just mad, he'll come back...but will i have him? *Evil grin*} it is nice not to spend all sunday afternoon searching for ways to jerry-rig an antenna in a black hole of reception)

8-new friends

9-old friends (KT i swear i will call this week)

10-lovely weekend weather

11-a puppy who rides well in the car

12-a modern washer

What are you thankful for? Join the Haveners as we list 100 things we're thankful for in November.

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