July 28, 2008


Rabbit died.

i miss her

i dont even like cats

She was a good kitten

I dont want to talk about it anymore.

July 16, 2008


I cut my hair.
all by myself!
just like a big girl!!

I have no clue what came over me. I have never cut my own hair. well, I imagine that I must have cut it as a child at some point. I was that kind of kid.

There was that one time we played hairdresser with the Neighbor's dog clippers. But that was my sister's hair and that is a different story. Actually it's just about all there is to the story... except that we cut the neighbor kid's hair in a reverse mohawk and his mom had to totally buzz his head.

Ok, it was just my bangs but it was a totally spur of the moment thing. Still, I think they look good (if a tid bit shorter than i intended).

I am concerned that this will lead to bigger and crazier spur of the moment things. Very little good has come of things that combine spur of the moment and scisors.

Also, i discovered that if you take your self portraits in front of a mirror, you can see what's on the viewscreen in the mirror. Very convenient.

I like italics today.

Micah Vacuums Rabbit

Micah Vacuums Rabbit. from Anastasia Henry on Vimeo.

We named the cat after the car, Kind of. I htink she's so cute here getting feisty with the attachment.

On our honeymoon I bought this little digital camera that shoots video. I wanted to have something smaller than my big SLR and something that Micah could use without freaking out. I have a real video camera, but it's a pain for shooting silly things like this, messing with tapes and capturing and editing and exporting. The little camera just uploads the video when i load pictures.

I'm thinking about shooting and posting more video, especially for MicahandStasi.blogspot.com. what do you think?

July 11, 2008


If you did not know better you might htink that, considering the frequency with which they appear on my blog, that i like flies.
I do not.
Besides the fact that my work area is a tad bit unorderly ("neporiadok" in Slovak) you may note that there are flies all over it. in the first picture there is one on the CD case as well as the one that had the audacity to die on my keyboard. they guy in the second shot was still alive and just buzzing about on his back.  
it's a delightful sound. 
It's a constant sound.
There are 10 flies dead or in the process of beating themselves to death against the closed window above my desk.
One just landed on my shoulder as i typed that last sentence

I want a screen over the open window

well well well

The car is a VW Golf according to all the paperwork....but for some reason, the back says rabbit. So everybody is wrong. But it is definitely NOT a Polo. Now that I think about it, i wish it was.... oh! the fun we could have if it was....MARCO!!! :) :)

Rash 2008 Update.....I will not post pictures. It has gone down some, although it still itches. The cat has a severe case of Notoderic Mange...Feline Scabies. 80% of websites and the Vet say that the mites will not bother humans. 19.9% of websites say that on the off chance they do infect humans the result is "mild and self-limiting". I found one website that described a possible reaction that included intense itching (worse at night) for about 3 weeks. This seems to be the reaction we are having. Lucky us! The good news is that we're already a week and a half in, and as Micah says, it's not like it'll itch intensely for three weeks and then suddenly stop, it has to taper off some.

I updated a bunch of photos to Flickr

we are going to look at an apartment tonight.

I have no clue why i titled this post the way i did...but have you heard the joke about the three holes in the ground?

July 8, 2008


so all i was doing was a search to see if i could find out if a certain band was at campfest 2007. and i came across this....

this probably doesn't mean much to you, but i edited this. i spent hours lining up beats and editing video from 3 or 4 different performances together. i'm in a sort of awe. When i got tho Slovakia a month ago, Roman told me that this video was playing on the christian TV station and all....but really it's weird seeing somethign you did on youtube if you didnt put it there.

i'm just weirded out and i still don't know if MIC played at CF 07


I got a shot in my butt. I have a rash that literally covers everyinch of my body between my neck and my ankles front and back. It itches like crazy. now at first it started on my stomach. a patch maybe tyhe size of my palm. but then it started to spread. this is bad, i thought. Micah said, What have you never had a rash? it'll go away stop complaining. so i did. and it continued to spread.
(meanwhile he sunburnt the heck out of his shoulders. Blisters and everythign. and i was quite sympathetic. Even though i predicted this when i saw him without his shirt. i even warmed the aloe before i put it on. and made sure he had enough water.)
but once it coverd over 50% of my body i asked Milos to take me to the doctor. There was no way i could have done this on my own. anyway the doctor looked only at the rash on my right arm, the nurse gave me a shot, they said it was a reaction to some food or lotion (which doesn't' explain why Micah is starting to get the rash too) I got a prescription for some verrry strong antihistamines and two bottles which contain from what i can tell a solution of Aloe and menthol. But i didn't itch when i went to bed last night and i feel a lot better today. We'll see.

July 3, 2008

Something to think about.

For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But here was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, or a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that this was my life. This perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way
~Alfred D Souza

Micah tells me this all the time. I was waiting to get to Slovakia, and now that we're here, I'm anxious to get a place of our own. And once we have a place, it will be something else. He's right of course, I do struggle with this. I love being married but I hate being married to someone who's always right.

Around here, the 4th of July is just the day after the 3rd and before the 5th. Eat something off the grill and think of us tomorrow.I have not found my American flag yet. I'm sure it's packed in some bag that i have not gotten to yet. There's not much point in unpacking just to repack everything once they find an apartment for us. This goes against the quote I started with. See, that's how deep it is in me.