October 11, 2011

Me On A Tractor

This may be one of the best photos of the two of us. Maybe we'll send a Christmas card with a tractor since we missed our chance at a cannon photo this summer in Williamsburg.

I helped Micah rake the hay on Saturday. By "helped" I mean I rode one lap around the field on the fender and posed for this photo. In Ohio this summer I "helped with the hay" by plugging in the hay elevator that one time.

Mostly my real contribution is that I loan my husband, carry water to the hay field  and cook dinner for the hay makers (My mother in law prefers to make hay than cook. It works out well for everyone).

Off to grocery shop with Grandma and give blood.

October 10, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

I refrained from singing songs from Oklahoma! at the top of my lungs this morning since other people were still in bed at 7 AM. I took a photo of the sun rising over the field instead.

All the sounds of the earth are like music
All the sounds of the earth are like music
The breeze is so busy it don't miss a tree
And a old weeping willer is laughing at me

Oh, what a beautiful MORning
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful FEELing
EVerything's GOin' my way.

It continued on from there.   OK LA HOMA! where the winds go whippin' down the plains.... OOOH the Farmer and the cowman should be friends..... People will say we're in love..... Poor Jud is Dead a candle lights his head...... Ev'rything's up  to date in Kansas City..... I'm just a girl who Caint say no....

I am still humming about a little surrey with a fringe on top :) - and now you will be too hahaha!

In my mind all these songs come with a bouncing ball. Weird things happen when all your childhood musicals were on VHS recorded from TV singalongs....

October 4, 2011


I got my hair cut a week ago. Nothing ground breaking, but worth noting. Plus besides grocery shopping and cleaning at grandma's nothing more blog-worthy happened to me that day.

I was thinking of doing something a little drastic, modern and hip and trendy. Sadly, I didn't have a picture of anything hip and trendy to take with me(and without a printer I had no way to produce one).  I decided not to experiment with my ability to describe hip or trendy since I am  not those things. Besides, drastic scares hairdressers.

So, I defaulted to a safe all one length bob with bangs (which I have pinned back here).

I just figured a (short) hair disaster a few days before a family wedding is a bad idea.

October 3, 2011

things I found in the drafts folder.


I just started watching my mom's new favorite show. Parenthood. new favorite quote.
"Do you guys have some stupid agreement about not acknowledging each others flaws?"
"Yeah, it's called marriage"

This entire (unfinished) never before seen post  about choosing a theme song for our zoo visit. I posted it chronologically for posterity.

guess who spilled orange juie on my keyboard last night. not me. an you tell what key stopped working?

When do you hide?

If you had a totally open day, every day, what 4 or 5 things would you fill it with?

i have problems figuring out what to let go of. For instance, Micah doesn't understand why it bothers me that the pieces of a bunk bed moved into our room.

This weekend, I left the ranch on wednesday evening drove two hoursI worked till 3AM between saturday and sunday and then got up at 6 AM (3 hours later) on sunday and worked until 2PM


yes, i know it is no longer 2007. i haven't even messed up writing the date once! but i wanted to reflect on 2007 some. it was a big year for me. I am actually processing parts of it still. things that happened and things that didn't.

Micah and I drove from PA to Colorado 2.5 weeks ago. On Friday we are about to do it again. we are contemplating a different route. Possibly a route with more curves...did you know that the road curves exactly TWICE in the entire state of Kansas.
Someone thought it might be a good idea to camp in Kansas. Someone should be shot.

i had a post typed yesterday. and then beatrice ate it. and the internet from the barbershop across the street stopped working. so he'res the latest thing we sent out.


Trying to get back in the blogging swing of things

35 days till my wedding (i think, everyone knows i dont count so good. i talk much gooder ;))
i am cutting ribbon, trying to convince my Micah to get me the last of the addresses for invitations, searching for a place to live post June 30th, there's still a load of things on my wedding to do list.

i'm trying to get back into living as part of a family. my family is not making this particularly easy.


My draft folder is now purged. thank you for your attention as we walked down memory lane.