June 22, 2010

oh the Randomness!

Please read the title like, Oh, the Humanity! you know like the Hindenburg. Does Hindenburg have an H at the end? darn German language.

I am learning German. Kind of. I am learning from a 2 year old. Oh Nai! Bapi, Hies, ganz meine meinung! (translation: oh no! Daddy, hot, my thoughts exactly. OK fine, I learned the last one from my cousin's blog, not the 2 year old.)

peach and passion fruit tic-tacs are the bomb.

I paid someone 10Euros to kill a cat that was not even ours. Darn Cat. Darn Dog. Darn Milan.

hot dogs for lunch. with ranch dressing, banana and kaiser rolls. on the only clean plate left. I hate being sick and lazy. Who knows what will be for dinner. I need to grocery shop.

my hair is growing. If I am generous with clips, I can kind-of form a ponytail. I will try to restrain myself from chopping it again.

The second song has way too many lyrics. darn. back to the drawing board/InDesign. darn eSpe.

June 3, 2010


I have killed 3 spiders today.
Monday night I hit something with the car. I'm not sure if it died,
or what it was. It was raining and there was an oncoming semi on a
curvy road.