May 29, 2012


The Cliff Notes Version....

Floated four avocado "boats" down the river with my 6"1' baby brother

Took my mom's garden flamingos to story time

Ate honeycomb

helped my dad clean carpets

made (and helped eat) a double batch of no-bakes

drank tea and read a book or two

experimented with painting my nails (photos of the finished product to come...)

just wait till I blog about THIS: coolest project ever!

Hung out with my MOM!!

found a rock for the rock collection that Micah denies that we have 

rode in the back seat with Al

Climbed a buffalo....

I still have 2 days left......

May 17, 2012

Yard Sales!!

I love yard sales. I have good memories of going to Grandma's house early on Saturday mornings with a marked newspaper and planning our route.

Fortunately for me, I married a man who also loves yard sales. MICAH is usually the one pushing me out of bed bright and early on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, we have a difference of opinion about what constitutes a "good" yard sale. His criteria include the presence of tools and the absence of large racks of clothing....I like ones with household goods and vintage glassware. Community sales are the real way to go for us. Last weekend we drove 2 hours to go to a "good" one in Ohio with his parents...

Some of the REALLY GOOD Things We Found Already This Season....
  • Cool Vintage Apron - pink and green argyle! Could it be any more me? No. $1
  • Cross country skis... With awesome retro boots in our respective sizes!! It was meant to be. $10 for both sets
  • Set of 4 vintage Pyrex mixing bowls - $35! (Micah was not sure they were worth it....the next guy had them for $55!)
  • Screwdrivers & needle-nosed pliers (soon to be spray-painted pink so that even if Micah "borrows" them I'll be able to tell which are mine) $1 for the 5 screwdrivers, the pliers were part of a batch deal...
  • Set of Copper measuring spoons - same $2 batch as the pliers and 2 mini C clamps for Micah...ha, formica....Married 5 years this summer and i still giggle inside when I say this....
  • Serving platter that matches my favorite vintage pyrex!  - Micah was nervous when I told him I was buying this platter after his sticker shock over the bowls - you should have heard his sigh of relief when I told him it was only 25 cents! :)

Things I'm Still On the Lookout for This Summer:
  • Blender (I'd pay $5 for a good solid one)
  • Craftsman socket wrenches (OK, this is more for Micah....giggle)
  • 12 oz (or smaller) hammer of solid quality
  • pliers, the regular kind, I already have needle-nosed ones
  • tool bag or solid yet small tool box I can paint pink are you seeing a theme?
  • Any other useful hand tools for my collection
  • a Weed Whacker (we may have to give in and buy a cheap one new if we don't find one soon)
  • Vintage-y Tablecloths for $2 or less
  • Pieces that match my china (Noritake Crest) especially bowls and platters....I'd pay just about whatever they're asking quite honestly

So, what find are you hoping to find at a Yard Sale this summer? I'll keep an eye out for ya....But you'll have to arrange to meet for pick-up.
Consequently, I still have a full-length mirror in the summer kitchen that I found for my sister LAST summer. They've been here a few times and simply need a bigger car or less kids.

May 1, 2012

May Day!!

I made this about April 13th. I have been dying to share it ever since.
To download the calendar to use as your desktop wallpaper, just click the image to load it in a new window.
Then, right click and choose "set as desktop background."

Well here we are: Welcome to May.  I'm kind of in a state of disbelief. Only one month left until the year is half gone...

My goals for May
  • Memorize Psalm 46
  • Read Bible every day.
  • Wake up with Micah and stay up. (this will start tomorrow :)
  • Make masks for the Mother's Day picnic.
  • Mend 4 things from that big pile
  • Starch the Angel already!
  • Spring Clean the WHOLE house
  • Do SOME THING with the flower beds 
  • Finish Mulberry Hat and Cowl

Ooooh, that list got longer than I was planning on. Looks like I'll be busy. Lets see how it goes... What do you hope to accomplish in May?