May 1, 2012

May Day!!

I made this about April 13th. I have been dying to share it ever since.
To download the calendar to use as your desktop wallpaper, just click the image to load it in a new window.
Then, right click and choose "set as desktop background."

Well here we are: Welcome to May.  I'm kind of in a state of disbelief. Only one month left until the year is half gone...

My goals for May
  • Memorize Psalm 46
  • Read Bible every day.
  • Wake up with Micah and stay up. (this will start tomorrow :)
  • Make masks for the Mother's Day picnic.
  • Mend 4 things from that big pile
  • Starch the Angel already!
  • Spring Clean the WHOLE house
  • Do SOME THING with the flower beds 
  • Finish Mulberry Hat and Cowl

Ooooh, that list got longer than I was planning on. Looks like I'll be busy. Lets see how it goes... What do you hope to accomplish in May? 

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Miss Brenda said...

Love the bowls. Glad you found them. Gladder that you got them. Gladdest that you and I can yard sale together NEXT WEEKEND!!!

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