June 27, 2005

i have this scratch

it's on my forehead...this kamakazie insect flew at my face and since it was late i swatted repeatedly and wildly...the rueslt is a red mark on my forehead tha i hpoe will go away before morning...the end

June 26, 2005

your bi-montly update

so i've turned into a bi monthly blogger it seems...i'll try harder...maybe...did you miss me?
well a fair deal happened since last time....i jsut dont remember it all...
well i went to Indiana...a tad on the fustrating side at times but good nontheless...the fundraising shall commence in short order....i'm going folks...does this weird anyone else out?
sigh..i have run out of motivation to write anythign more...e-mila or call with specific questions..
i will say this though...last night micah came down and we wnet out...i was very hot having nothing to do with the temperature outside...we ate at the olive garden went miniature golfing got ice cream at the place that is painted like a cow and sat on my back porch swing....the chiken marsala was good, the company was better, my mouth had a good night

June 4, 2005

life is good

I have to say that “Frog Gigging” holds as much awe to me as camping stoves do. That is the end of my commentary on that since this entry is about Ami and my wild Saturday night…I came home from work and got a nice shower and dressed a little hot….ami and my plan was to go to see her BF at work…since he had expressly forbidden it…*wicked grins all around!* but first we saw Greg walking up Gables road and ami remembered it was her graduation party so we put in an appearance after stopping at Eckerd to show off how hot we were (sad isn’t it) and get a graduation card…after our detour to Gables, we drove to Evans City parked two blocks away at Kennedy’s for ice cream walked up to Bravo got the Pizza saw TJ unfortunately he was headed to a delivery in mars...oh the irony!....after we got the pizza we walked back to kennedys bougt our ice cream and drove home...once home we realized we wanted a movie and went to the bins'o'fun that is movie rental at planet mart...picked claendar girls (about the middle aged women who pose nude to raise money to support lukemia...btw i support it wholeheartedly) and rented it for free as a result of our looking so good and the fact that i went to Eric instead of the other chick after a bit of 9 vs 6 dyslexia while reading my DL# we made our way home watcehd the movie ate pizza & root beer...and i msut say that life is good....the end...