November 5, 2013

genuinely thankful

22. finding the stamps
23. Jobs (mine and Micah's)
24. Productive Days "Off" (and it's not even noon yet!)
25. superb in-laws
26. texting
27. Good customer service days (four separate interactions that did not make me want to cry or be mean)
28. Hymns (and that I know a ton of them. Thanks Park View Alliance :)
29. Excellent Churches Homes my whole life. (Midway. Park View. Mars Alliance. First Alliance in Lexington. Grove City Alliance. Grace E.C. I have been blessed all of these places.)
30. Good Pastors too. (Especially the consistency of my Dad)
31. The Knox Public Library. (Best. Library. Ever.)
32. empty boxes

November 4, 2013

Choosing to Give Thanks

13. Backup plans
14. homegroup
15. car rides with friends
16. the Compound
17. heat
18. leftovers on headache days
19. Advil
20. someone else hosting homegroup.
21. that i can fill out my own paperwork

November 1, 2013


I am really going to make it to 100 this year. I feel like maybe if it weren't for laundry I could do all 100 today!
*disclaimer: the only order these are in is none.

I am Thankful:

1. For my Mom who taught me to be thankful
2. For my dad who taught me that God is never surprised.
3. For Micah
4. For our new house
5. For the internet (not necessarily for windstream but high speed internet)
6. That I was not hurt in the car accident
7. For real people who answer when you call the insurance agent.
8. For my MIL who cared enough to call me at work
9. For friends
10. For Modern appliances.
and a bonus 11. fro spell check :)
I'm getting carried away 12. Sunshine!

Now i'm off to start the washer and dryer and dishwasher and get caught up on all the housework that piles up while you are busy wrecking cars and talking to insurance agents and getting CAT scans.