November 5, 2013

genuinely thankful

22. finding the stamps
23. Jobs (mine and Micah's)
24. Productive Days "Off" (and it's not even noon yet!)
25. superb in-laws
26. texting
27. Good customer service days (four separate interactions that did not make me want to cry or be mean)
28. Hymns (and that I know a ton of them. Thanks Park View Alliance :)
29. Excellent Churches Homes my whole life. (Midway. Park View. Mars Alliance. First Alliance in Lexington. Grove City Alliance. Grace E.C. I have been blessed all of these places.)
30. Good Pastors too. (Especially the consistency of my Dad)
31. The Knox Public Library. (Best. Library. Ever.)
32. empty boxes

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Amanda said...

i reacted to so many of these with either a YES! or a YAY! i love being thankful with you!

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