November 1, 2013


I am really going to make it to 100 this year. I feel like maybe if it weren't for laundry I could do all 100 today!
*disclaimer: the only order these are in is none.

I am Thankful:

1. For my Mom who taught me to be thankful
2. For my dad who taught me that God is never surprised.
3. For Micah
4. For our new house
5. For the internet (not necessarily for windstream but high speed internet)
6. That I was not hurt in the car accident
7. For real people who answer when you call the insurance agent.
8. For my MIL who cared enough to call me at work
9. For friends
10. For Modern appliances.
and a bonus 11. fro spell check :)
I'm getting carried away 12. Sunshine!

Now i'm off to start the washer and dryer and dishwasher and get caught up on all the housework that piles up while you are busy wrecking cars and talking to insurance agents and getting CAT scans.


Amanda said...

I'M SORRY CAT SCAN WHAT??? we should obviously chat more often.

Jim Iovino said...

There was no mention of a CAT scan when we discussed your accident so I lead to believe that you recently were scanning your house for traces of cats... true?

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