June 14, 2013

Why I Love Where I Live - Part 1 of ?

I was at the Knox Farmers Market again today. There was no organ music (I was there right at the beginning so maybe the organist arrived later) but I still am calling it a success.

I came home with asparagus, an invitation to a Fairie Festival, two free! tomato plants one of which will ripen purple tomatoes and the other will make ripe green ones (and who can complain if their free tomato plant is a bit leggy), some rhubarb...and a 50cent tab with the rhubarb lady (who also sells beswax - none of which is mine....yet) :)

Also, more news regarding radishes: you can eat the greens!! I did not know this until I chatted up a lady selling hers. She suggested putting them in salads and looking online for a recipe for radish green pesto. I may have to do a second planting of radishes!

I love this place. Imagine what could happen if I went to the farmers market with more than $7 and some change.

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