April 28, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Reflections

So this week is supposed to be reflection portraits. I'm cheating since we just left the country and pulling one from way back. I think I got 2 in 1 they said it should not be some one looking reflective or thoughtful but rather an actual physical reflection and I got BOTH! This is Lenka, we went on a trip together in 2006 to Zilina and Bratislava with a few other folks, it was a great trip and this is one of my favorite "people" pictures. Additionally, this is the SOOC shot! i love it when you can get it just right without manipulation. I think it's a discipline that is getting left behind in the age of digital photography.

I have a bunch of reflective thoughts too. Since we just got to Slovakia (i'm reunited with my sweaters and will never travel without them again...for those of you following THAT saga) It feels a little like New Years we are looking at how we lived here before and how we lived in the time we were home and we get a fresh start of sorts. We are making a whole new list of things we'd like to start or stop. So we are not doing much thoughtlessly and a couple times a day Micah or i say, "you know, I was thinking...what if..." It is a fun time. (it is also a little like living with the Goob when he was 3..."I was thinking") we RAN this morning. who knows what will be next

And literally, i'd like to be reflective, like when the sun hits a pond or a mirror and everything is bright. I'd want to reflect. I'd like to mirror God's Grace to people. Ashley posted of Facebook the other day about "Incarnational caring" and I think that might be just this, to be a mirror set on an angle so that when people look at us they see the reflection of heaven. Nothing special about the one doing the reflecting just being set at the right angle. i dont have to WORK WORK WORK to be like Jesus. I just need to be clued in to where He is and where I should be pointing.

April 21, 2009

Airport Woes

We had a flight canceled. blah. We are at Micah's brother's. Angie deserves a medal for all the airport runs she has planned and executed in the past year.

same flight plan tomorrow but with an earlier start and a shuttle between Laguardia and JFK.


From the airpot

Leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when i'll be back again.

here's the deal i'm posting from the airport. we leave her at 12:55 fly to JFK, spend 3 hours there, leave at 5:50 to Vienna. Spend 5? hours or so in vienna and then fly to Kosice. we arrive at 730 EST, 2:30 local time.

woot woot.

also, i had an emergency tooth extraction on Friday.

April 11, 2009

Easter Memories

I remember the first Oscar egg... Abi started it. She spelled her name Abby then. :)
We had a Sesame Street Egg dye kit that year, with stickers to put on finished eggs. You just couldn't put a sticker of Oscar the grouch on a pretty pink egg.
It has always been Abi's thing, But becasue of that it is a Havener thing. It would not feel right if I knew that all the eggs at my mothers house were pretty solid colors on a bed of perfect green plastic grass.

This year Alex did the one for Mom's house, and Abi did one for the Iovinos. There are two Oscar eggs in the world this weekend. And life is good.

on another note, I am taking pasta salad to a picnic this afternoon. I do not like pasta salad and am concerned that:
a) no one else likes pasta salad and we will have to bring it home with us.
b) everyone will love my pasta salad and it will become my "thing" and I will have to be family famous for something I don't even eat. Like Grandma Henry and her cookies.

Also, keep your eyes open next week for photos and videos of the log cannon.

April 10, 2009

Some help please?

I can not remember what meteorological event will cause me to eat my easter eggs behind the stove.

April 2, 2009

Guest Post

I like this video thing, i'll get back to words eventually.

Today we have a guest appearance by none other than my darling husband, He does not know that he is with us today. Please do not tell him.

Micah on Technology from Anastasia Henry on Vimeo.

Also, I gave the cat a few chunks of cooked chicken. She is batting them all over the kitchen floor before eating them. I guess i'll have to teach her not to play with her food.