April 21, 2009

Airport Woes

We had a flight canceled. blah. We are at Micah's brother's. Angie deserves a medal for all the airport runs she has planned and executed in the past year.

same flight plan tomorrow but with an earlier start and a shuttle between Laguardia and JFK.



Abi said...

It was so good to get to have lunch with you guys :) I was really (for lack of better terms) glad to see you. Let us know that you are safely on the other side... love you both.
ps. Claire asked for Micah when she got up from her nap.. so cute. you are already missed.

AmiDawn said...

at least this time your issues were with the airport instead of the airpot... gotta hate those airplane bathrooms...
love you :)

Brenda's Man said...

I too was thrilled to get to see you all while I was in PA last weekend. Thank you so much for making that possible. Sorry about the delay, but I trust God had a reason and am glad you are safely in transit now. I miss you LOTS and love you both more.

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