Non-Resolution Progress

Some of these are projects that I can do once and be done, others are ongoing projects that will take longer than one sitting but have a specific point were they are done, some are things I want to do regularly through the year with the hopes that they become part of who I am.

  • Undecorate - DONE!!
  • Masks
  • Nick & Kaitlyn's capes - Nick's is done, Kaitlyn's is cut out.
  • Angel - crocheted but not starched
  • Hat 
  • Plan flower beds & Maintain
  • Keep up house - doing just ok...except this last week :/
  • De Clutter
  • BBE MkII
  • Read Bible - roundtable - (as of 3/28 I've read 48 out of 87 days - Need to work more diligently on this one)
  • Track Books Read - the idea here is to read more intentionally less light escapist fiction  
  • Blog  - 8 posts as of 3/28...less than stellar 
  • PPT @ Grace Church
  • Cook from Scratch
  • Snowflakes 
  • Pin Yellow Chair covers - DONE!!
  • Degrease Micah's White shirt - DONE!!
  • Project with Autumn et al - meeting every tuesday for a few weeks's coming together
  • Play Piano - I've had 2 lessons (we're doing them every 2-3 weeks) and Aimee says i'm learning fast. I should practice more
  • Clean Office - PAPERS! - It was done once. needs done again....
  • Recipes Sort & track - Making baby steps here
  • Bulb in LR light
  • Mend that big stack
  • Get sewing machine fixed - I just bought a new one. well new to me - i think it's from 1968 :)
  • Pamper
  • Budget
  • Garden - Plan Plant Keep up - Planned and we have seeds started and sprouting!
  • Throw away less food - does it count if I give it to the dog? evenif not i'm doing better here
  • Be active
  • Put together Christmas book
  • Less time online
  • Pray
  • 2011 Photobook - DONE!!
  • Photograph life - 440 photos to date - give or take 
  • Use video feature on  camera - So MUCH FUN...need to find a way to USE them now
  • Memorize scripture - haven't started this yet. need to get on it.
  • Bake regularly - Not quite as regular as I'd like but we've had homemade bread 3 weeks now....

Updated 3/28

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