March 28, 2012

2011 Yearbook

Another "non-resolution" checked off the list (you know, the one I have every intention of blogging one of these days) All the list said was "2011 Photobook" but what I intended was "put together book on shutterfly in a timely fashion and wait for the eventual free book offer. so you don't have to stay up to midnight franticly fighting the internet". Which is exactly what happened Monday night (thankfully the code still worked at 12:03).

But the book is done. I got the letter of the thing if not the intended spirit.TA DAAA!

I also feel compelled to note that I really like the changes they have made to the book making process. I enjoyed having all the control over placement and details. 

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of the plants that sprouted. Have a good day


AmiDawn said...

YAY! i used my free book to put together some of the pictures from Vic's shower cuz i couldnt think of anything in my own life at the moment worth photobooking. wish i'd have thought of the yearbook idea! (goes to start one right now in anticipation of the next free book offer)

AmiDawn said...

PS the book looks great! what a great year!

Stasi said...

Ami, I've done a book for each year since 2008. I'd never have any printed photos otherwise, it's hard to pare down to 20 pages but it's a good exercise... otherwise all i have to remember 2011 is 1,856 little digital files. it's way more fun to look back through the books :)

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