March 15, 2012

Picaken Adventures

The internet has amazing powers.
Somehow, last Monday, Pinterest made it seem like a good idea to use the last of my frozen raspberries from last summer to make a pie. This was certainly out of character but not necessarily a bad idea. But the internet was not content with a simple out of character pie. Oh no, it wanted me to bake that beautiful delicious pie into a cake.

It is called a picaken (pie-KAY-ken). According to Jamie The Very Worst Missionary (whose blog I highly recommend)
"A Picaken is more than food... it's an adventure."

And So I took the most beautiful pie I have ever made and flipped it upside down into 1/4 inch of batter in my biggest cake pan and then I poured in the rest of the batter.

Baked it (over. Apparently I need a bigger pan for my next picaken adventure)
And did not let it cool enough before icing it. I was out of time. A pie made out of frozen berries takes a loong time to bake. Also for the record one should not try and cool their cake on top of the stove.
No one at our homegroup minded how the cake looked. It was novel, bizzare, and most importantly DELICIOUS! Everyone wanted an encore.
Here is a the link to the post that started it all (for me) in case you feel adventurous! Her Picaken is WAY prettier than mine. I'm OK with that.

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Abi said...

The fancy-cake-neice says it looks yummy but a little messy on the execution of the icing. Perhaps you needed a diagram for icing ;)

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