March 30, 2012


I ordered seeds from a catalog this year! It makes me feel like a serious gardener who knows what she's doing :) (Ha that's a joke.) But it was fun to look through the catalog and actually read about the different varieties of each veggie and take my time to decide rather than just staring blankly at seed packets in the store and playing eenie-meanie-miney-moe while Micah paces behind me. Plus planting heirloom, non-GMO seeds makes me feel good about what I'll be growing and subsequently eating. With prices comparable to the local farm supply store, and a super positive customer service  experience  I'm happy to recommend Comstock, Ferre & Co. to anyone.  (Some of my seeds were back-ordered and misplaced, but it only took one call to get it ironed out and I didn't peak to a single machine!)

Last Thursday, Micah and I planted all of our indoor starts. It felt good to put things into dirt. I was dying to plant since we had those few 80 degree days here but I restrained myself from putting anything but a little spinach in the ground. This weekend I'll plant the peas and onions right on schedule, like a good little gardener.

I openly admit that I ran down the next mornign to check if anythign had sprouted. Starting plants inside is like Christmas! Nothing had sprouted. but 2 days later, this marigold came up!! I actually harvested the marigold seeds from last year's plants. Look at me go. (I'm actually starting to be suspicious of it now though, like maybe it's a weed or volunteer tomato sprout. But I'm nurturing the heck out of it anyway!)
These tomatoes are also seeds from last year's tomato plants that took over the garden. This year, if they continue to grow, I will prune and trellis them. I am so unreasonably proud of them and me that they actually sprouted. If they bear tomatoes, I might dance.

Here is another gratuitous shot of our seedlings, Danish Ballhead cabbage and a Boston Pickling Cucumber peeking up behind them. This is another advantage of ordering seeds from a catalog. They all have fancy names...Straight 8, Early Snowball, Little Marvel, Delicious 51, California Wonder, Contender, Russian Mammoth. So cool. I am so easily amused.

Admit it, you are dying to know what Micah planted here :) 
(really unhelpful hint: Their given name is "Long Island improved 100 Days." No wonder we shortened it.)


Miss Brenda said...

I am guessing brussels sprouts. Had the urge to plant a hosta today, but it was easily controlled as there was no hosta to plant. But I am going right now to get a pot of dirt and stick an eggplant seed in it. You inspire me.

Laura said...

My guess is also Brussels Sprouts. :) Or.. Bad Seeds... or Banana Sundae...

Your blog makes me smile - I can hear you talking when I read. :)

Laura Hoffman

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