March 12, 2012

How does my garden grow...

Eventually I'm going to write a post about my long list of 2012 plans (Yes, I am aware it is almost halfway through MARCH, but how did that happen!?) Maybe this will be the week.

In the meantime one item on my long (and color-coded because I had brand new crayons)"not really resolutions" list is: Garden. Plan Plant Keep up.

I'm getting there.

I got the planning part done (and my seeds ordered!) and my plans are posted over at You should go over and check it out and let me know what you think....

This is the only picture I have of last years garden attempt. By the end of the season, it was an overgrown mess with a shoddy looking fence that only succeeded in keeping the groundhogs IN.

I can now cross one part of one thing off of my list. Progress being made.

I'll go ahead and point out again that ironically Blog is also on the list....14 items above "garden".

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AmiDawn said...

yay for an update! good luck with your garden this year... and let me know if you would like any seedlings - we might end up with a few extras and i dont know that Mark will have the heart to not just let them keep growing

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