March 28, 2012

Not New Year's Non-Resolutions

So WAAAY back in January, my sister posted a list not of resolutions but just things she'd like to do in 2012. She described it thusly:
these are not resolutions [...] rather, these are goals. things that i would like to accomplish [...]  some things involve major lifestyle changes and paradigm shifts. others are much simpler. there are things on the list that are one-shot kind of things, and once they are done that's all there is to it. but there are things in there that are longer-term kind of things, and they will hopefully stick around for a while. its not a comprehensive list, and it might grow as the year goes on. i might keep track of what i accomplish, or i might not. no biggie.

It included things like  "be a good a 5K...put new music on my to a book by Jane Austin Austen...paint something little...carve a jack-o-lantern....have fun"

I was inspired. So I sat down and wrote my own list. then  I color coded it. and sorted it onto another page of little lists. I am compulsive like that.  I think it may be hereditary, like the clutter, and the procrastination....

Anyway here's my list. Some of these are projects that I can do once and be done, others are ongoing projects that will take longer than one sitting but have a specific point were they are done, some are things I want to do regularly through the year with the hopes that they become part of me

  • Undecorate
  • Masks
  • Nick & Kaitlyn's capes
  • Angel
  • Hat
  • Plan flower beds & Maintain
  • Keep up house
  • De Clutter
  • BBE MkII
  • Read Bible - roundtable
  • Track Books Read
  • Blog 
  • PPT @ Grace Church
  • Cook from Scratch
  • Snowflakes
  • Pin Yellow Chair covers
  • Degrease Micah's White shirt
  • Project with Autumn et al
  • Play Piano
  • Clean Office - PAPERS!
  • Recipes Sort & track
  • Bulb in LR light
  • Mend that big stack
  • Get sewing machine fixed
  • Pamper
  • Budget
  • Garden plan Plant Keepup
  • Throw away less food
  • Be active
  • Put together Christmas book
  • Less time online
  • Pray
  • 2011 Photobook
  • Photograph life
  • Use video feature on  camera
  • Memorize scripture
  • Bake regularly.

Just puttin' it out there so I can at least have that much done for my quarterly review in 2 days :)

I gave my list it's own page so you can track my progress if you are so inclined. Don't feel like you have to, but it gives me the impression of accountability :)


Abi said...

your accountability page doesn't exist... tricky. ;)

Anastasia said...

Sorry, Fixed the link....that would be a good trick though :)

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