February 11, 2010


Last Friday and Saturday Micah built a sled. It is not a thing of beauty. Ingenuity, yes. But not beauty. The important thing is that it worked! And it was a lot of fun.

On Sunday we went with Simon Angi and Zoe to a hill near here and sledded till we ran out of light. (is sledded a word?) We wrecked some, the hill had a curve in it and our sled lacked in the steering department as well as looks. Fortunately the snow was soft.

This is not our sled. But it is both of us. Our sled didn't really fit us both. We did try one run with me sitting and Micah standing behind me. That didn't end well.

February 9, 2010

You can't argue with happy eggs

At least the eggs are having a good day....

Things I will be happy about today:
- Micah did the dishes last night.
- the sun is shining
- Psalm 32:8
- You can cook tea cookie sin the microwave
- Micah does not like tea cookies = more for ME!
- I have warm slippers
- The Steelers did not loose the superbowl (that the didn't win is
something I'm not thinking about)
- We are almost done eatign turkey
- The chickens are laying again = free eggs. Happy free eggs.

The longer I look at the happy eggs, the better I feel. I am thinking
about not working anymore today. I will just sit here and look at the
happy eggs. Maybe you would like to join me in not working and
looking at happy eggs. I might put on some cheery music too. Acapella
music makes me happy.

Did I tell you about my music? I was running gout of free space on my
computer. I looked into this and discovered that when I loaded songs
from CD's they were loading in an uncompressed format. This means
that some files were over TEN TIMES what they needed to be. I
remedied this and it freed up over 15 GIGABYTES of space on my hard
drive. Even the eggs are happy about that.

February 6, 2010

Tea Cookies

In case you were wondering: Nutmeg is a key ingredient in tea
cookies. Without it, they just taste like pancakes with raisins. At
least I didn't double the recipe.

I am disappointed by this discovery. I am thinking however about
making it work to my advantage....wait for it.....Breakfast
sandwiches! (please read this like when the pigeon in Bolt says
aliens!) Oh Snap! Just think about it.
That's all I got.

February 5, 2010


Let's just say hypothetically, that you had a husband who bought a 2.28 Kg head of cabbage (that's 5 pounds for the metrically challenged!) thinking he was getting a great deal on lettuce.
Besides coleslaw, what can you even DO with cabbage?
Would cabbage be good on pizza?
How long does a head of cabbage last?
Should it be refrigerated or just kept in a cool dry place?
Can you freeze cabbage?
Why do I continue to let my husband shop for produce? (He also got a zucchini....he thought it was a cucumber.)

*I have been requested to issue a retraction. My hypothetical husband might have known that it was a head of cabbage. He did not know that the posted price was per Kilo.

February 3, 2010

Micah's latest idea

We met this morning after language school with a missionary who is
living about 50 minutes from us in Ruzomberok. Because he is teaching
English in the local schools, he has a salary and a place to live
provided. We met another couple last month who have a similar setup.
This got us thinking about how much we dislike raising funds. It is
just not comfortable for us. So Micah had a great idea: He will set
up a booth at CampFest, paint himself brown, play native american
flute music and juggle a chain-saw (which we already have!) and
flaming bowling pins (which he is sure he will be able to find
somewhere). They jury is still out on wether he will wear a
loincloth or some other yet to be defined costume. We ruled out a
dunking booth and snake wrestling before coming up with this
brilliant idea. We will charge a Euro admission, and figure if most
people come once and a few come back or a repeat viewing, we can
match our annual salary in a weekend. He will look up how to juggle
on google this evening and start practicing over the weekend.

What will you discuss over lunch?