February 5, 2010


Let's just say hypothetically, that you had a husband who bought a 2.28 Kg head of cabbage (that's 5 pounds for the metrically challenged!) thinking he was getting a great deal on lettuce.
Besides coleslaw, what can you even DO with cabbage?
Would cabbage be good on pizza?
How long does a head of cabbage last?
Should it be refrigerated or just kept in a cool dry place?
Can you freeze cabbage?
Why do I continue to let my husband shop for produce? (He also got a zucchini....he thought it was a cucumber.)

*I have been requested to issue a retraction. My hypothetical husband might have known that it was a head of cabbage. He did not know that the posted price was per Kilo.


Miss Brenda said...

Is this hypotheical husband of yours the one who grew up on a farm?

AmiDawn said...

a zuchinni? are you out of your mind???

Abi said...


pigs in a blanket!!!

Abi said...

if you refrigerate it, it lasts pretty long..if you eat it (almost every meal) it should keep... :) I love cabbage.

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