September 27, 2005


i have a puppy sleeping in my lap...i'm kicking myslef(that is unrelated to dixi, pictures are up to the right)....the puppy is keeping me sane......i'm in no state of mind to be writing this....i would like to not get out of bed tomorrow....i'm scheduled for 12.5 hours....this will not be fun...add to that that i'm still up and it's almost midnigh....not a happy camper....and yet, oddly elated and hopeful...for reasons related to the kicking of myslef....

September 21, 2005

a puppy!!

Alex and my dad got a dog(my mom and i have her too but she really belongs to those two)....
she's a rat terrier...not becasue she looks like one but because we hope she will catch moles when she grows up....she is tiny and black all over except her toes and chin and shes deadly cute....her name is Dixi....the Disciplemaking Ministries Committee(DMC) voted on it at their meeting last night where teh puppy was in attendance....walking on the table i hear...wriggling her way into the hearts of the most hardened of ministry volunteers:) (i promise that is not commentary on MAC church leadership)

she wont stay in her basket...she prefers the dirty laundry on my parents bedroom floor....she cries and cries....after i got off the phone with Micah last night i went down to get a drink form the kitchen and she was not in her basket.....she was sleeping with my dad on teh couch....last night she woke me up crying at we played for a half hour before i put her back in her basket with another basket on top to keep her did not work that found her in the laundry this morning....

I'll take a picture this evening when she gets home from meeting ami for lunch....this dog gets around...shes almost never home....first the DMC meeting then to visit seelbaughs and today out for lunch...sheesh....she has more of a life than me and she's only 8 weeks old!!

September 16, 2005

norhtern Ireland

i would like to say that Slovakia is safe. when i'm living in Presov i will be as safe as if i was in Pittsburgh. Slovakia split fromt he czech Republic in 1993 in what is commoly refered to as the Velvet Divorce...sounds rough huh?
Belfast on the other hand is wrapped up in century old fueds and riots. and Kristen is in the middle of it...suddenly i'm interested in Northern Ireland Politics...

September 13, 2005

reflective ramblings stream of concoiusness

Kristen is missing things....and KT is smiling....and i miss knowing why...all the ins and outs and details and a hammock at the center of it all....i miss college life....i have of course conveniently forgotten all the annoyng people and hall meetings and dumb chapel speekers and tests and papers and I am jsut remembering community and laughter and late-night runs to walmart for canned air and Orange juice stopping at wendy's for fries and frostys and the "hammock Rule" and the "after midnight rule" applied with reckless abandon at 3 in the afternoon :)
in other news, i'm fundraising....i'm scared still by this....and when scared i tend to procrastinate.....i love telling the story....of how i got here and where God's taking me...but then at the end i have to ask for money....and no matter how i try and paint it as joining a team or sharing my the end i still feel like i'm askign for money....i know all the platitudes and all that, but still it's uncomfortable...ok ok ok Art says to call it stretching and embrace it....i'm trying...keep praying
further down on to the gossip column another one bites the dust and Micah is the only havener Boyfriend left....there shall be more square dancing this weekend....i like him....i'm done
the end