April 14, 2008

below the fold....

the hood :(

No one was in either car, no one was hurt. Just my poor car. The whole story is someone parked uphill in the parking lot from us, without using the parking brake. Consequently, the jeep rolled down the slight hill and into my car.

When we parked the car last night, it was fine. This morning, Micah came back up to the apartment to ask if the car was OK when we parked it last night. (we got home kinda late) :(

Then told me that he had bad news.
Then i felt like crying.
Then the police came.
Then I got fully dressed.
Then i spent all morning on the phone with insurance agents and claims people, who only return calls once you have given up and gotten into the tub.

They keep calling it "your loss" like someone died or something....

It is time to leave the country!

Breaking News in Grove City....

one story after another

That is all I have to say.

April 12, 2008


Still Growing
OK, I might be taking a bit more credit than I'm due with the whole what I did thing. BUT I Planted these as SEEDS!!! I put my hands In DIRT on the Kitchen Counter......AND! thy haven't died yet!! This (as well as the BEAUTIFUL! weather the past few days) calls for LOTS!!! of Exclamation points!!! and CAPITAL!!! LETTERS!!
I think it's the influence of the farm boy I married. Sometimes though green things in my care live a while and then die unexpectedly. I just hope they turn into flowers soon and look just like the seed packets...only actually GROWING in the pots on my windowsill!!
I ran out of patience :)
Spring is here. I can tell because of the little green sprouts on my windowsill, and the increased amount of pressure in my sinuses and the volume of my sneezing. I LOVE! SPRING!!!


It is my humble opinion that everyone should go and look at pictures of my niece in the wild
she crawls with her head on the ground, burps and eats dirt.
I tell you what sir. Babies have the life!

April 1, 2008

Random update stuff

I got a job as a waitress in a BBQ place here in town.  Waitress is the one job I always have always said I could never do. I figured that I would be no good at it. I was mostly right, but since I work the lunch shift we are never too busy and I manage to hold my own. A customer has only made me cry once.

During the past week or so I have collected a number of random thoughts. 
1) The phrase "Dodge Garage" rhymes. Even though it doesn't look like it should. I am surprised that more advertisements don't use this in their radio jingles. It is so perfect that it should be cliche by now.

2) A funeral procession went past the other day. At the end of it there was an ambulance. This seemed backwards to me. I mean I've heard of ambulance chasers, but that's ridiculous! Maybe it was an old person who died and lots of old people came to the funeral? (or it could be that it just got stuck behind the procession)

3) Only 30% of Americans have passports. This is logical to me and sad at the same time.

4) I sometimes watch subtitled TV in my downtime. The other day a lady on the travel channel tried Pickles with Honey & Sour cream. Wether it tastes good or not is totally irrelevant (btw, the travel channel lady said it was good). The real issue is WHO thought this would be a good idea to try in the first place? 

5) I think my brain needs a better music filtering system. In the past week I have had in my head: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Heart and Soul, Freak Parade, Personal Penguin, I Surrender All, My Maria, and various other random, out of season, and generally uncalled for music. 
Dear Brain, could we please stick to the top 40 pop country and christian charts? or at least seasonally appropriate songs that I know all the words to?

6) Occasionally the Closed captioning on ESPN is jibberish that looks like some sort of Scandinavian language. I can't imagine that deaf sports fans appreciate this.

7) spell check wants me to spell jibberish with a G. I politely declined.

8) This is Micah's foot. This picture was taken on my living room floor. It is directly related to the log that was in the bathtub for awhile. In fact the parts of the picture that aren't Micah's foot are pieces of the log that was in the bathtub.

9)We have pledges for 71% of our monthly support!! Looks more and more like we will be getting out of here BY THE END OF MAY!!!

10) I lost my cell phone. If you have it, please call me. It has been deactivated and I have another now. (thanks Mr Phil and Mom) If i used to have your phone number, chances are it was programed in my cell phone and consequently I may no longer have it. Give me a call sometime and then I'll have it again.

Well, there you have it. 10 or so random things that have recently occupied space in my brain.