April 14, 2008

below the fold....

the hood :(

No one was in either car, no one was hurt. Just my poor car. The whole story is someone parked uphill in the parking lot from us, without using the parking brake. Consequently, the jeep rolled down the slight hill and into my car.

When we parked the car last night, it was fine. This morning, Micah came back up to the apartment to ask if the car was OK when we parked it last night. (we got home kinda late) :(

Then told me that he had bad news.
Then i felt like crying.
Then the police came.
Then I got fully dressed.
Then i spent all morning on the phone with insurance agents and claims people, who only return calls once you have given up and gotten into the tub.

They keep calling it "your loss" like someone died or something....

It is time to leave the country!


TC said...

Awww. Well I'm very thankful you're OK and that Micah is as well :)

Grogal said...

See Please Here

Katie said...

Oh no. That is horrible!! What a big bummer. Glad you guys weren't in there when that happened though. Good luck on finding new transportation! Love to you. I'm praying you guys can leave soon! :)

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