May 2, 2008

Panory Time

I feel compelled to reccomend to you subscribe to the new and upcoming blog, Panory Time!! the link is over in my sidebar.
It's written by my brother, Alex. He's a little like me. In fact some people believe that he IS me just 13 years younger and a boy. We even had the same haircut for a while.
I should prepare you by letting you know that a Panory is Alex and his friend's own comic creation. A Panory looks like this:
- -

except there's a dot in the middle of the o. add a circle head around the face and a stick body and "pow, you have a Panory"

additionally, it's not all about Panorys....(how do you pluralize a made up word?) Sometimes it's an interesting look into the mind of a kinda different 12 year old.

I may be biased. but I love the little Booger, and i think everyone else should too.

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