April 11, 2009

Easter Memories

I remember the first Oscar egg... Abi started it. She spelled her name Abby then. :)
We had a Sesame Street Egg dye kit that year, with stickers to put on finished eggs. You just couldn't put a sticker of Oscar the grouch on a pretty pink egg.
It has always been Abi's thing, But becasue of that it is a Havener thing. It would not feel right if I knew that all the eggs at my mothers house were pretty solid colors on a bed of perfect green plastic grass.

This year Alex did the one for Mom's house, and Abi did one for the Iovinos. There are two Oscar eggs in the world this weekend. And life is good.

on another note, I am taking pasta salad to a picnic this afternoon. I do not like pasta salad and am concerned that:
a) no one else likes pasta salad and we will have to bring it home with us.
b) everyone will love my pasta salad and it will become my "thing" and I will have to be family famous for something I don't even eat. Like Grandma Henry and her cookies.

Also, keep your eyes open next week for photos and videos of the log cannon.

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Abi said...

Thanks for the memory... I don't know that any of us remembered when or how the Oscar egg came into existence.. I knew older sisters were good for something... like remembering things from before you can remember. :) Love ya sis.

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