June 3, 2010


I have killed 3 spiders today.
Monday night I hit something with the car. I'm not sure if it died,
or what it was. It was raining and there was an oncoming semi on a
curvy road.


Abi said...

Were the spiders in your house? killing them in your house is perfectly fine in my book, like killing someone who has invaded your home. But I saw a lady kill a spider at the park the other day and I was oddly disturbed that she would do that.

AmiDawn said...

i saw a girl squish a bug at the grand canyon. i briefly considered throwing her in.

Abi said...

I almost said something, then thought better of it. It was impulsive.. weird.

Katie said...

Reallly no one else is going to ask?!?! Ok, I will.... ummm what do you think you hit with your car??
Also, Thank you for not running into a semi. I am grateful.

Brenda's Man said...

I too am grateful that you knew enough to hit whatever animal was on the road instead of swerving to your death. Drive wrecklessly! I love you.

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