July 2, 2010

A light and tumble journey

I have a problem. A week from now we will be on a plane to NYC. this is not the problem (that we have not started packing may be a problem but it is not what this post is about.)

We will spend the weekend with my sister Abi and my other sister will drive up for the weekend. (this is not the problem)

We are going to relax have rootbeer floats visit "Grand Central Park" and, in light of the fact that Micah has never been to a zoo ever in his life, on Monday a trip to the Bonx zoo is planned. (none of this is the problem but we're getting there I promise)

We are so excited about being in the US again and seeing our families and we are really excited about the zoo. The problem is I just heard the Simon & Garfunkel song "at the zoo" and now my allegiance is torn. I have always been quite attached to Peter Paul and Mary's "Going to the zoo tomorrow"

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