October 11, 2011

Me On A Tractor

This may be one of the best photos of the two of us. Maybe we'll send a Christmas card with a tractor since we missed our chance at a cannon photo this summer in Williamsburg.

I helped Micah rake the hay on Saturday. By "helped" I mean I rode one lap around the field on the fender and posed for this photo. In Ohio this summer I "helped with the hay" by plugging in the hay elevator that one time.

Mostly my real contribution is that I loan my husband, carry water to the hay field  and cook dinner for the hay makers (My mother in law prefers to make hay than cook. It works out well for everyone).

Off to grocery shop with Grandma and give blood.


Stasi said...

Oh, this was POST 500 and I missed it!!! Lots of pressuer on myself to do something noteworthy for #501....

Abi said...

I agree- it's a great one of the two of you. :)

karen said...

Oh dear, I'm experiencing tractor envy!!

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