October 3, 2011

things I found in the drafts folder.


I just started watching my mom's new favorite show. Parenthood. new favorite quote.
"Do you guys have some stupid agreement about not acknowledging each others flaws?"
"Yeah, it's called marriage"

This entire (unfinished) never before seen post  about choosing a theme song for our zoo visit. I posted it chronologically for posterity.

guess who spilled orange juie on my keyboard last night. not me. an you tell what key stopped working?

When do you hide?

If you had a totally open day, every day, what 4 or 5 things would you fill it with?

i have problems figuring out what to let go of. For instance, Micah doesn't understand why it bothers me that the pieces of a bunk bed moved into our room.

This weekend, I left the ranch on wednesday evening drove two hoursI worked till 3AM between saturday and sunday and then got up at 6 AM (3 hours later) on sunday and worked until 2PM


yes, i know it is no longer 2007. i haven't even messed up writing the date once! but i wanted to reflect on 2007 some. it was a big year for me. I am actually processing parts of it still. things that happened and things that didn't.

Micah and I drove from PA to Colorado 2.5 weeks ago. On Friday we are about to do it again. we are contemplating a different route. Possibly a route with more curves...did you know that the road curves exactly TWICE in the entire state of Kansas.
Someone thought it might be a good idea to camp in Kansas. Someone should be shot.

i had a post typed yesterday. and then beatrice ate it. and the internet from the barbershop across the street stopped working. so he'res the latest thing we sent out.


Trying to get back in the blogging swing of things

35 days till my wedding (i think, everyone knows i dont count so good. i talk much gooder ;))
i am cutting ribbon, trying to convince my Micah to get me the last of the addresses for invitations, searching for a place to live post June 30th, there's still a load of things on my wedding to do list.

i'm trying to get back into living as part of a family. my family is not making this particularly easy.


My draft folder is now purged. thank you for your attention as we walked down memory lane.

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