September 29, 2011

Addresses and Dates

87 Days to Christmas and I have my card address list mostly updated. Today was gather all the addresses day.
I deeply regret that I did not have my act together enough to get this card in the mail last year

I have a kind of convoluted address keeping system.

ON PAPER - I look here first
-For immediate family I tore a page out of an old planner and wrote out (in pencil) all the parents, grandparents, and sibling addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, Phone numbers and e-mails. I keep this in my Control Binder (Micah hates that I call it that).
-Also in the Control Binder are addresses (and some additional contact info) for (most) of our Aunts, Uncles & Cousins (I lack all of the Mottin, Blough, and Smith cousins). I don't have any birthdays or anniversaries.

-Addresses for Henry and Lane Aunts, Uncles & Cousins also exist in word files on my computer. (Uncle Skip sent me his Havener address list via snail mail and I have not taken time to type them in.)
-Also on the computer is a Henry Important dates file with full names, birthdays and anniversaries back to Micah's grandma.
-I started a Havener Important Dates file, but it only goes back to my parents.
Dear Haveners and Lanes, if you send me your birthdays and anniversaries, I will send you a copy of my file. Or, you know, if you HAVE such a file maybe you would share?
When something happens (new baby, wedding, new address) I usually make a note of it somewhere (usually the paper copy for addresses and immediate family dates). Once or twice a year I go thorough and sync them all. And every now and then rather than looking I am lazy and just call and ask someone.

But anyway. That's all. This year maybe we will send a card or even a letter. I hope to have someone take a good photo this weekend at E's Wedding. Or maybe we'll be those people and include our cats and puppy. I promise no matching santa hats.

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Laura said...

The cannon and "Peace on Earth" together are cracking me up :)

Good luck with your cards - I have the same problem with addresses...

~ Laura (Barton) Hoffman

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