September 22, 2011

Dog Blogging

Grandma Henry bought us a puppy. We did not ask for a puppy. In fact just that Sunday we discussed getting a puppy and decided to wait. But then we went and looked at him. He's 50% German Shepherd and 50% Mostly Lab/Mutt

He is cute and remains nameless. I was calling him Hezky, Slovak for "handsome" but Micah did not like it. So we're in negotiations. It has to be two syllables (something about that being easier for dogs to hear). Sabre has been vetoed. Micah likes Harvey, but I am not convinced. I am pulling for Havoc, Micah is not convinced.

Yesterday morning he put a hole in my jeans that was after he flattened the kid's ball and chewed on my bible. The bible was up on that card table. In the morning it looked like this. Really all he did was chew up some old bulletins, those maps in the back that I never look at and my bible reading schedule. I may or may not have suggested Heathen as a possible name.

He tires me out.


Abi said...

YAY! Harvey! something micah and I agree on... come on- that's gotta win us the battle right there :)
He's so cute!

Miss Brenda said...

I think I told you not to go and look at him.

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