September 26, 2011

90 Days to Christmas

You know how I love a good to-do list? I have found the ultimate list. It is 100 things long, but I'm 10% done with it and you only have to do one thing a day. My kind of list.

The past few years I feel like Christmas has lost a lot of the specialness it had when I was growing up. It has turned into one more thing to get through. A lot of that is moving away from home and getting busy, losing sight of the thing we're really celebrating, trying to find the balance between Micah's family traditions and mine.

So I'm starting early this year in hopes that I will not be scrambling around for gifts and decorations and peace at the last minute.

It's not Like I'll be all Christmas all the time though, It's really about moving through fall and the holiday season with purpose - which i could always use more of.

"This is a good day to experience the beating heart of fall."

Now if you'll excuse me, today's thing is enjoying fall apples and making a crisp. but first i have to clean my kitchen entire house. (and then see if the apples on our backyard tree are any good.) It's nice to have something to look forward to.

Also, Here is a random and totally unrelated photo of some stuff I got for my mom at a yard sale.

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