July 16, 2008

Micah Vacuums Rabbit

Micah Vacuums Rabbit. from Anastasia Henry on Vimeo.

We named the cat after the car, Kind of. I htink she's so cute here getting feisty with the attachment.

On our honeymoon I bought this little digital camera that shoots video. I wanted to have something smaller than my big SLR and something that Micah could use without freaking out. I have a real video camera, but it's a pain for shooting silly things like this, messing with tapes and capturing and editing and exporting. The little camera just uploads the video when i load pictures.

I'm thinking about shooting and posting more video, especially for MicahandStasi.blogspot.com. what do you think?

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Stephen James said...

I think you you should vlog on here, unless you are going to cross-post. You don't want too many blogs for people to keep up with (as i say with three of my own!).

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