November 24, 2011

For Each other

56-Judah for driving 4 hours today and 6.5 hours tomorrow so we can spend Thanksgiving in Boston
57-Meghan for making me be nice to myself and for sharing interesting facts (did you know your nose never stops growing?)
58-Jeremiah for inviting us to his house for Thanksgiving
59-Angie for making me an aunt again (Welcome Kaitlyn Faith)
60-Nathaniel for Helping
61-Micah for sharing his family (and life) with me
62-Marcus Elise Charissa Claire Noah Nick Tristan and Zoe for being there to spoil and then give back to their parents.... :)
63-Keith & Karen for making me feel at home
64-Grandma Henry for great stories...
65-Abi for keeping me connected
66-My mom for understanding when I'm going nuts and always giving me the recipes i call for.
67-my Dad for loving me unconditionally and making it really easy to understand God as Father.
68-Ami Dawn for having the same sense of humor
69-The very nice desk agent for being very nice late at night.
70-That I could EASILY finish out my Hundred with the people i have been blessed to have in my life.....and that i Have so many blessings that I don't have to pad my list

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