December 6, 2011


Just getting this out there so I can start the Christmas/Advent posts I have bouncing around my head...

Micah and I along with Judah & Meghan traveled to visit Micah's Brother Jeremiah in Boston. It seemed fitting to spend Thanksgiving in Bostin where the whole thing started. First thing on the agenda, was a trip to Plymouth Rock.... not quite as impressive as I imagined it. But it is, as Micah said, "an important rock"

After seeing the "very important rock" We returned to Jeremiah's to take the beautiful turkey out of the oven. Meghan helped cook the side dishes, Micah and Judah napped (that bean bag may have been the awesomest thing of the whole weekend) and I took pictures.

Friday we visited profile rock. do you see it?

And Battleship Harbor or bay not sure which but it had many ships multiple explosive things and a Submarine. We drove past on our way in and Micah almost drove off the overpass trying to look so of course we had to go. We also visited the Lizzie Borden Museum (I didn't take any pictures it was just a bit macabre for photography) where a certain husband of mine locked the keys in the trunk of the rental car and we walked to a Portuguese restaurant for lunch while we waited for AAA to send a locksmith.

Saturday we Headed into Boston and walked part of the freedom Trail....

Down to The USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" the oldest commissioned BattleShip in the world.

We saw all sorts of sights in Boston. Rode the MTA beneath the streets of Boston where none of the boys would sing so we eventually got off.

We also rode in a taxi, bought cannoli and Boston CreamPuffs at Mike's Pastry on the north side of town (Where I did not take any pictures because by the time I figured out Where we were and what we were doing, we were in the middle of a mob of people seeking pastry with no room to turn around) We got Gelato and saw Paul Revere's Church and the rest of Boston.

I declared that we could not leave until we saw that place where they dumped the tea. This is it:

Fun was had by all. Even (we think) by Jeremiah who refuses to smile in Photos.


Miss Brenda said...

Wondering why it is that good pictures of you two always involve cannons, explosives, battleships, or guns of some type. Good pictures none the less.

Stasi said...

Not ALL our good photos. There is the one on the tractor :)
Wait til you see the Christmas Card post i'm writing xo

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