November 10, 2011

Always always always thankful

28-Unexpectedly free mornings

29-E-mail reminders of appointments (going to give blood this AM, totally forgot)

30-Public libraries with printers

31-that 2% of 0 is 0 (accidentally evaded borough taxes from 2009- rectifying the situation today by printing a w-2 and mailing the forms)

32-Freedom to spur of the moment decide to spend a few extra days playing with precious nieces and a handsome nephew and helping their mama and papa move

33-spell check....I before E in nieces.

34-sunshine even though it's cold out

35-A good Job for Micah

36-a good church - Ladies Tea this afternoon

37-a modern dryer (to go with #12) for when you need to wash 3 loads of clothes and don't have time to air dry

38- that we discovered we were going the wrong way before we reached West Virginia

39-Houses that are not trashed....

40-Small towns

41- 29 years of being loved. (dudes, 29 is so old.)

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