June 18, 2009


i miss my sisters today.


Memories are a wonderful thing. I never (ok, rarely) remember our fights when I think of my sisters. And man did we ever fight! But we also laughed and talked and hugged and played and teased (ABI! aBIII! AAbi abiabiabi!)

I think of the christmas mornings all in one bed after the "big Sneak", and playing with claire at the playground in NY, and Beach vacations, and birthdays ( I never get they bunny cake!).

I remember laying on the picnic blanket in the side yard (mom, maybe you could call the school where the track meet was? that blanket was part of us too!), and downhill biking, and that time we made the Stroganoff extra noffy!

I remember when Ami fell through the top of the snow and we could only see her hat. And no one else understands when I ask when the pony comes into the story. We share DNA and parents and secrets and memories.

We worry about each other and we will always be "the Havener girls" no matter what our last names are, or where we live.

But do you ladies think you could come to Slovakia soon.


Abi said...

aww I miss you too.

AmiDawn said...

miss your faces... i'm coming as soon as i can

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