October 16, 2006

A toofer--weeks 28 and 9

Hey all!

I had to make up for being timely and informative two weeks ago so I took a week (an a half) off! Don’t worry it doesn’t mean I did nothing, I spent the whole time trying to figure out how to spell toofer! (two-fer, tofer?) :)

Just kidding, really!

So lets start with Timothy School and the Ranch in Svarin! (Sept 29-Oct1) I had a rough weekend for no particular reason, let’s blame it on culture shock. About 30 young people came and things went smoothly as far as I could tell. The speakers were very good and the students appeared to get a lot from the small group times. The ranch is beautiful and it was so exciting to see young people in small groups scattered across the lawn and playing soccer and volleyball.... A small glimpse of all the things that God will be able to do through that place. Also I got to spend some time talking to and interviewing Jean Jacques Wiler, and was really blessed by his stories and messages.

The week after Timothy School I dove into editing, the music video for Strateny v Tme (Alone in Darkness) that we shot back in June. That is really what I’ve been up to the past two and a half weeks. Editing and editing and editing. It’s almost done now. I’m just getting feedback and tweaking the first half of this week and then I’m going to call that project done. I have really enjoyed this project in spite of a ton of little issues (like bad footage and repeatedly loosing power) that occasionally made me feel like either screaming or throwing things out the window. I avoided doing either and I’m pretty proud of how it is turning out.

Other news in the office the past weeks is that, Praise the Lord!, we go the money we were lacking to finish the Center/Office. This has led to again working in a construction zone with men drilling and pounding outside the windows but the building should be insulated and painted before winter hits full force. Please pray for this, that the work gets finished on schedule and that we don’t go crazy from the noise :)

This past Saturday, I took a trip to Kosice to take some pictures for a missionary family there. I took pictures of the horse ministry (kids riding horses not missionaries ministering to them), and a family picture for them. It was good to get out of Presov and cities. It was also inspiring to see what others are doing. It helped me re-catch my vision to have missionaries with quality media about what they are doing. Also, I rode a train by myself for the first time! (I had help buying the ticket)

Currently, Ron & Ruth Berger are visiting for a few days. Ron and Ruth do pastoral care for YFC missionaries. I’m the last stop of their trip that has included England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Rwanda and Uganda. They arrived last night and I have been blessed to have them here already. I will be taking some time off this afternoon and tomorrow to spend time with them.

Thank you for praying please don’t stop. You can pray for:
~Slovak learning still (I’ve had a few embarrassing blows to my language ego)
~Construction on the Center/Offices
~The Svarin Ranch (transition of ownership, a few small thefts, and some red tape that might make having CampFest there a problem)
~Ron & Ruth’s Visit
~My occasionally off-balance emotional state

I know I could not be doing this without your support and everyone here is grateful for your prayers as well. They were surprised here to hear that so many of you regularly lift up the ministry and happenings in Slovakia.

Next week's update will be on time (*crossed fingers*)

:) Stasi


Minion said...

Is it any wonder why I love you?

Kristen said...

OH! Say HI to ruth and ron for me. I ADORE them. :) and you. i adore you.

AmiDawn said...

twofor? two-fer? toofur? tewfor? to-fur? toofer? too-fur? too-fer? TO-fur?(empasis on the first syllable) twoFOR?(viceversa)
oh how i wish i could type in a british accent right about now...
my vote is two-fer. i like the hyphen.

Stasi said...

A british Accent would be typed, "Tew-Feh" i believe :)

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