October 3, 2006

for your information

It is ill advised to tell your male co-worker who speaks British/Irish English that you are wearing a skirt because you need to do laundry and you have no clean pants. Especially if it is part of a conversation that starts “Aren't your legs cold?”

I did not realize this untill it was too late.

I was quite confused as to why he turned red and quickly changed the subject.

I was very embarassed when I finally remembered that in British/Irish English "pants" refers to a totally different piece of clothing that should not be discussed with male co-workers. Ever. Especially on the way to lunch.

I should have said "trousers" or "jeans"

I should have just done my laundry and the whole incident could have been avoided.


Miss Brenda said...

Maybe you shouldn't air your dirty laundry at work. (Sorry, I don't think I have a Hemingway quote for this one. Unless "It's all about sex." will work.)

TC said...

Oh that's hilarious!!! Nice. :)

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