October 2, 2006

Mobiles :)

natalie dee

current blog trend in the blogging realm of my family seems to be leaning toward posting about your cell phone.....or commenting on the cell phones of others.
not wanting to be left out here goes my commentary.....
In Slovakia we call them mobiles.
I technically have two since I still have the one I fell on and crushed at the end of May. this keeps me in the running numericly, but since neither flips or takes pictures and only one works, i might be in last place. ('Cept for Alex...he doesnt have a mobile OR a blog to commplain about it on...at least i'm not last!)


Miss Brenda said...

I thought your post was going to be about the kind of mobiles that entertain babies in thir cribs. I am going to call my new phone my mobile (just to entertain myself)
Love you

Minion said...

Tsk. Having a cell phone is overrated. Having three is redunkulous

Miss Brenda said...

Hey--redunkulous--can we have some details on that so we can add it to the dictionary blog?

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