October 6, 2006

a tad random

best thing that has been said to me recently.

Well, if your computer is giving you such problems give it to me. I'll sell it and buy a frisbee.

wouldn't that be something


Kristen said...


I LOVE YOU. and i MISS YOU. and I was watching jeopardy and they were on the charles bridge and I squeeled!!!!

I'm going to Austin this weekend for YS and I'm excited. But the last time i was at YS was right before Thanksgiving in B'lo and you didn't know your shoe size. I miss you.

Praying for you LOADS my love. Big transatlantic hugs!!!

Abi said...

are you dead? this week is bad for phone calls... I'll let you know about next week after Friday when this weeks drama is over.. we do need to talk.. I'm super homesick today, listening to Chantel Kreviazuk singing about home. as well as Frank Sanatra... how homesick am I.. I wanna go home...

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