October 25, 2006

i'm lovin' it!

ba da bap bap baaa!

much thanks to kristen whom i also love.

also this seems as good a time as any to note that i recently discovered that the McDonalds in Kosice is walking distance from the bus station!!! :)


TC said...

When I was in Slovakia a couple of years ago, my friends kept asking if I wanted to go to McDonalds and I always said no: why eat there what's at home when I can try different stuff?!

You'll have to let us know how it is. :)

Stasi said...

once youve been here a few months, cheeseburgers turn into comfort food.

the basic stuff, fries and a cheeseburger, are exactly the same.
the milkshakes are better.
the bacon cheeseburgers come with Canadian Bacon! quite the disappointment

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